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Seminar Baltic Networking Meeting 2017

22092419 1487108514735971 1829549714 o22092419 1487108514735971 1829549714 o For the second year of the year already, the Baltic LIFE Project Seminar was organized. The seminar took place on 28-29 September in Parnu and gathered a total of 14 different LIFE Programme projects from Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, including also the LIFE CoHaBit project. The seminar was organized by the CAP LIFE LAT (Capacity building for implementing the LIFE Programme in Latvia) team.

The first day was devoted to project presentations and working in groups, in which the main issues regarding the most common challenges and difficulties in the realization of projects under LIFE Programme were discussed. The topics of the working groups were divided into four blocks:
1. Financial group (eligible costs, reporting back, budged corrections etc.);
2. Project evaluation (self-assessment, project indicators, impact monitoring, socioeconomic effect, effect on ecosystem services etc.);
3. Communications group (information dissemination measures, best practice and examples, repeatability and transferability etc.);
4. Partnership matters (partner agreements, challenges posed by the project partners etc.).
After the working groups’ session, ideas, examples and experiences for the most successful implementation and management of projects were summarized. The day ended with the presentations of the results of the working groups.
The second day of the seminar was spent on field studies during which the territory of LIFE + Programme URBAN COWS was inspected. The project manager shared valuable experience regarding issues related to informing, educating and engaging the public in the project activities, the practical methods for the management of coastal meadows and lagoons, and habitat restoration methods, as well as construction of the required infrastructure and forming pastures. Even though the URBAN COWS project has already been completed, pasture still takes place within the project territory, and the constructed tourism and pasture infrastructure has been preserved and is being maintained; also, the local inhabitants of Parnu are actively engaging and supervising the project territory, that way they are showing their support and understanding of the need to manage and preserve the environment within the boundaries of their own city.
Presentations by the participating projects of the seminar:
AwaRaEst LIFE – Awareness raising and application quality improvement of the LIFE program in Estonia
LIFE LT – Building LIFE capacities in Lithuania
CAP LIFE LAT – Capacity building for LIFE program implementation in Latvia
CoHaBit – Coastal habitat conservation in Nature Park 'Piejūra', Natura 2000 site
LIFE EcosystemServices – Assessment of ecosystems and their services for nature biodiversity conservation and management
LIFE Birds on Electrogrid – Installation of the bird protection measures on the high voltage electricity transmission grid in Lithuania
FIT FOR REACH –Baltic pilot cases on reduction of emissions by substitution of hazardous chemicals and resource efficiency
LIFE GRASSSERVICE – Alternative use of biomass for maintenance of grassland biodiversity and ecosystem services
LIFE to alvars – Restoration of Estonian alvar grasslands
LIFE REstore – Sustainable and responsible management and re-use of degraded peatlands in Latvia
Tyruliai – LIFE – Demonstrative restoration of the Tyruliai bog as a part of the initiative of the re-wetting of Lithuanian peatlands
URBANCOWS – Restoration of urban coastal meadow complex in Parnu town, Estonia
LIFE Viva Grass – Integrated planning tool to ensure viability of grasslands
LIFE Wetlands – Conservation and management of priority wetland habitats in Latvia

Project LIFE CoHaBit (No. LIFE15 NAT/LV/000900) „Coastal Habitat Conservation in Nature Park “Piejūra”” is being realized under the co-funding of the European Commission LIFE Programme.
Follow LIFE CoHaBit project activities:
Prepared by:
Association “Baltic Coasts”
Project Manager
Agnese Jeņina
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