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Project LIFE CoHaBit „ Coastal habitat conservation in Nature Park “Piejūra”” monitoring visit

monitoringa viziteCapture project Coastal Habitat Conservation in Nature Park Piejūra (LIFE CoHaBit)” No. LIFE15 NAT/LV/000900 is being realized, since September 2016, by the local government of the Carnikava Municipality (as the leading partner) together with the Riga City Council City Development (RDPAD), the Nature Conservation Agency (DAP) the Association “Baltic Coasts”, with support from the European Commission and with the co-funding of the Administration of the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund (LVAFA). In order to evaluate that implemented over the last year, on 13 and 14 September a monitoring visit took place, implemented by the project supervising institution representing the European Commission. On the first day of the monitoring visit, the project experts introduced the monitoring official to the results of the surveys carried out and the territories for which biotope management activities are being planned. The best solutions for the management and protection of Nature Park “Piejūra” were discussed.  


On the second day of the visit, the project working group presented the completed work and discussed the challenges being faced. A decision was made regarding various solutions for the implementation of project activities.

Overall, remarkable work has been done in the first project year, which serves as the basis for further successful implementation of the project. The following has been organized:

  • informative-educational activities for the society, drawing attention to the uniqueness of the nature park, its values and the need to preserve them;
  • throughout this year, methods and practices applied in biotope restoration and management measures both in Latvia and Europe were assessed;
  • a summarization of the significant work carried out by environmental experts has been bade, as well as numerous consultations and organized meetings with the competent institutions have taken place with the aim to find the best and most efficient way for implementing Nature Park “Piejūra” biotope management activities throughout the next years of this project.

It is planned that next year specific biotope protection and management works will be stared in Nature Park “Piejūra”.

Entire cost of the project is 970 067.00 EUR, from which 60 % is the financing provided by the European Union LIFE Programme – 582 041.00 EUR. The co-funding is provided by the Administration of the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund (LVAFA) which is 218 741.00 EUR. The remaining part of the co-funding is provided by the Local Government of the Carnikava Municipality, the Riga City Council City Development Department, the Nature Conservation (DAP) the Association “Baltic Coasts”.

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Project LIFE CoHaBit (No. LIFE15 NAT/LV/000900) “Coastal Habitat Conservation in Nature Park “Piejūra”” is being implemented under the financing of the European Commission LIFE Programme.

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