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We invite you to the meetings on the beginning of the restoration of the nature conservation plan of the Nature Park “Piejura”


The Latvian Fund for Nature has started the development of nature conservation plan for NATURA 2000 for the territory of the Nature Park “Piejura”. To tell about it in more detail, we invite residents, landowners, merchants, and other interested persons to the meetings intended for the development of nature conservation plan of the Nature Park “Piejura”. The meetings will take place:

  • June 11 at 18.00 Daugavgriva, Daugavgriva High School, 5c Parades Street, Riga;
  • June 13 at 18.00 Mangalsala, YACHT CLUB CAFE BAR, 15/17 Audupes Street, Riga;
  • June 19 at 17.00 Saulkrasti, Youth House, Raina Street 7;
  • June 20 at 18.00 Carnikava, Carnikava Regional Research Center, Jomas Street 7


Before meetings in Daugavgriva, Mangalsala and Carnikava, at 04:00 p.m. all interested persons are invited to participate in excursions in nature. For participation in the tour please apply in advance by calling +371 26562163 or writing to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Gatherings for excursions: in Daugavgriva parking lot at the bus No 3 destination, hike on foot; in Mangalsala at the bus No 24 destination, hike on foot; it is planned to get back to the meeting place after the excursion by bus No 24;

In Carnikava, at the intersection of Laivu and Jomas Street, hike on foot.

The Nature Park “Piejura” is located in the territory of Riga City, Carnikava County and Saulkrasti County; its total area is 4,315 hectares. The Nature Park was founded in 1962 for the protection of rare seaside habitats. There are many rare species of plants and animals in the Nature Park.

During the informative meeting, the present ones will be notified of the objectives of establishment and nature values of the Nature Park “Piejura”, the procedure of development of the nature conservation plan, time-limits, involved experts, planned researches, and the opportunity to participate in the development of the nature protection plan. The interested persons are welcome to participate in order to express their opinion on further management and use of this territory in a timely manner!

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