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Representatives of LIFE CoHaBit project gain experience in the Kursiu Nerija National Park


On 27th and 28th September the representatives of the project “Coastal Habitat Conservation in the Nature Park “Piejura”” (LIFE CoHaBit) visited Lithuania, the Kursiu Nerija National Park, in order to share the experience of the implementation of projects aimed at the protection and restoration of environment and to obtain new knowledge by getting acquainted with the experiences of Lithuanian colleagues in the coastal erosion mitigation works.

On 27th September the leading project partner presented the project LIFE CoHaBit as a whole, and outlined and updated the purpose and objectives of the visit. The staff of the Kursiu Nerija National Park administration shared their experience in the LIFE projects already implemented by them as well as in other smaller-scale projects focused on the protection of coastal habitats in the Kursiu Nerija National Park.

On 28th September, a field visit took place in various park areas including the Nature Reserve (Naglių Strict Nature Reserves), where the grey dune management activities and land erosion mitigation works are systematically carried out. Practical works are carried out by methods that have been improved and perfected over time for more than 200 years.

One of the objectives of the project LIFE CoHaBit is the implementation of measures for protection and restoration of coastal habitats and species of the European Union importance in selected demonstration areas in the territory of the Nature Park “Piejura” by using a set of environment-friendly methods; and, during this visit, there was a possibility to get acquainted with a long-time proven experience applied in the neighbouring country. The visit was attended by a very wide range of specialists, whose work is related to the relevant field – both project managers, species and habitat experts, monitoring specialists, as well as practical workers, managers. This generally allows us to hope for a positive transfer of experience in the implementation of coastal erosion mitigation works in the territory of the Nature Park “Piejura”.

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