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Launched series of seminars for guides and organizers of nature activities at the Nature Park “Piejūra”

IMG 0431On October 18, a series of three seminars for guides, teachers, nature organizers, regional researchers and active people who are interested themselves and show the values of the Nature Park “Piejūra” began at the Carnikava Center for Regional Studies.

The Nature Park “Piejūra” is the closest protected nature area to Riga, and the park is a popular place for outdoor activities for many residents of Riga and its surroundings. Hiking groups, environmental studies and coastal tours are organized in the park. Because of the heavy load by the visitors, it is important to identify the values, threats and best management and conservation of the Nature Park.

During the implementation of the LIFE CoHaBit project, the values and dangers of the Nature Park “Piejūra” were explored. A part of the Nature Park from Lilaste to Vakarbulli is undergoing various activities to maintain and enhance the park's natural values and make the park a suitable and comfortable place for every visitor.

For seminar cycle guides, teachers, nature organizers, area researchers and active individuals, the aim is to share the project experiences and transfer the knowledge. The seminar in Carnikava will be followed by further seminars in Daugavgriva and Mangalsala. Each of the seminars also highlights topics relevant to the area. During the seminar in Carnikava, special attention was paid to the costal geology and problems of erosion, as well as to the cultural and historical heritage of Carnikava.

During the first part of the day, the participants listened to presentations on the values and dangers of the Nature Park “Piejūra”, geology, coastal erosion processes and other coastal issues. The contribution of the LIFE CoHaBit project to the preservation of the values of the Nature Park and the socio-economic value of the Nature Park, as well as to the cultural and historical heritage of the Carnikava region.

During the second part of the day, the participants took a tour to the project areas where the habitat restoration works were carried out: Carnikava dunes and beach, looking at the restoration sites and anti-erosion fences of the LIFE CoHaBit project.

At the end of the seminars, all materials, including methodological materials, will be available on the project website for environmental education activities at the Nature Park “Piejūra”.

The remaining two seminars will take place in Daugavgriva (October 24) and Mangalsala (October 31).

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Projekts LIFE CoHaBit (Nr. LIFE15 NAT/LV/000900) „Piekrastes biotopu aizsardzība dabas parkā “Piejūra”” tiek ieviests ar Eiropas Komisijas LIFE programmas un Valsts reģionālās attīstības aģentūras Latvijas vides aizsardzības fonda administrācijas finansiālu atbalstu. 

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