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The first restoration works of woodland dunes in Carnikava region are started in Nature Park “Piejūra”!

IMG 5868Today the representatives of the LIFE CoHaBit project together with the experts of the Latvia’s State Forests and the contractor "R Grupa" evaluated the work already done in the pilot area of the project near the village of Gauja.

As forest maintenance experts admit, these restoration works of the woodland dunes had to be done sooner when the forest stand was around 50 years old. Now is the last moment to do the work, since the average age of the pine stands in the pilot area is 80 years, where most pines are of low quality or lanky.

During restoration works of the woodland dunes, the forest is maintained by cutting the lowest quality pine trees so that other pines could develop. All older pine trees are preserved and glades are created to allow more sunlight to shine in the forest and to enhance not only pine growth but also biodiversity in the undergrowth.

For safety reasons, we ask the residents not to approach the forest maintenance area.

More information on restoration works of the woodland dunes can be found here: https://dabasparkspiejura.lv/index.php/lv/234-dabas-parka-piejura-uzsaksies-mezaino-kapu-biotopu-atjaunosanas-darbi

Photo gallery available here:


Mezaino kāpu darbu zīmes A4 horiz

Darbu Zime mezu darbi A1 2019 01

We draw the residents’ attention to the temporary information signs located in the territory of the Nature Park. They will be in nature until spring, when the dune habitat work is planned to be completed.

More about project activities:




Projekts LIFE CoHaBit (Nr. LIFE15 NAT/LV/000900) „Piekrastes biotopu aizsardzība dabas parkā “Piejūra”” tiek ieviests ar Eiropas Komisijas LIFE programmas un Valsts reģionālās attīstības aģentūras Latvijas vides aizsardzības fonda administrācijas finansiālu atbalstu.

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