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The last meeting of the steering group on the new Nature Conservation Plan for Nature Park “Piejūra” has taken place.

Projekta sanaksme 2509 8022On 27th December 2019 the last meeting of the steering group was held in Carnikava to discuss the new Nature Conservation Plan for the Nature Park “Piejūra”, which is being developed under the LIFE CoHaBit project. The meeting was attended by representatives from the Nature Protection Board, the Riga Council Housing and Environment Department, the State Environment Service, the State Forest Service, JSC Latvia’s State Forests, the Rural Support Service, the Freeport of Riga, the State Centre for Defence Military Objects and Procurement, the Latvian Lakes Association, Carnikava Local Government, landowners, as well as developers of the Nature Conservation Plan from the Latvian Fund for Nature.

Those present in the first part of the meeting were briefed on the development of the Nature Conservation Plan since the previous Steering Group meeting in early September 2019. During this time, public discussions on the plan took place, the version of the plan was submitted to the municipalities and opinions were received therefrom.

During the second part of the meeting, the proposals received during the public consultation were discussed - the Latvian Fund for Nature presented the evaluation of the proposals. The proposal to set up a nature park administration or similar institution for the successful management and maintenance of the Nature Park was the subject of extensive debate. The meeting decided that the Nature Conservation Agency will direct the creation of a nature park advisory board with the participation of representatives of the involved municipalities.

The new Nature Conservation Plan will come into force soon; more information will follow. Also, we will explain where you can get acquainted with both the textual and the graphic part of the Nature Plan.

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Projekts LIFE CoHaBit (Nr. LIFE15 NAT/LV/000900) „Piekrastes biotopu aizsardzība dabas parkā “Piejūra”” tiek ieviests ar Eiropas Komisijas LIFE programmas un Valsts reģionālās attīstības aģentūras Latvijas vides aizsardzības fonda administrācijas finansiālu atbalstu.

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