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Extended meeting-field visit of the LIFE CoHaBit project monitoring group

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 Within the project LIFE “CoHaBit”, on 3 September of this year, in the Nature Park “Piejūra” in Lilaste, a meeting of the extended monitoring group took place. Representatives of the Carnikava county municipality, the association “Baltijas krasti”, the Nature Conservation Agency, JSC “Latvijas Valsts meži”, the World Wilde Nature Fund, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Latvian State Forest Science Institute “Silava”, the Ministry of State Protection and Regional Development, the Latvian Nature Fund, LLC “Rīgas meži” and the Housing and Environment Department of the Riga city Council met during the survey of the project's activities.


 The field visit took place in the wooded seaside dunes to see the current state of the forest and discuss the necessary future works. Also, the forest dune habitat care work – levelling of traces left by heavy machinery – performed during the project and a possible future problem – unauthorized parking of cars in the wood storage area in Lilaste on Ziemeļu Street – was also discussed.

 The traces were formed during forest exploitation work. Initially, the project participants planned that there will be a traditionally cold winter and frozen soil, but it did not enter, which was the reason for unplanned complications. Since this project involves areas that are large in size, heavy forest equipment was used to carry out the work. During the field visit, positive opinions of experts were received about the fact that for the wooded seaside dunes, the status of such open sandy areas is not so bad and corresponds to the habitat, which also contributes to the return of plant species. In addition, in about a few years, these traces will naturally level out and only separate areas of sand will remain. The trace levelling works already carried out so far were also positively evaluated.

 In cooperation with the World Wide Fund for Nature, within the framework of the action “Good works for nature”, the collection of branches in the forest is organized in the vicinity of settlements, parking lots and infrastructure objects created for visitors of the Nature Park.

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Projekts LIFE CoHaBit (Nr. LIFE15 NAT/LV/000900) „Piekrastes biotopu aizsardzība dabas parkā “Piejūra”” tiek ieviests ar Eiropas Savienības LIFE programmas un Latvijas vides aizsardzības fonda administrācijas finansiālu atbalstu.


Informāciju sagatavoja: S. Voskāne

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