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dabas parka uzraudzibas sanaksme 9165On October 10-11, LIFE CoHaBit project supervisor, NEEMO EEIG and EASME, visited Carnikava Municipal Alternative Care Center "Pīlādzis". The main activity of NEEMO EEIG is the monitoring of projects funded by the European Commission LIFE Program, while EASME oversees the European Commission programs on behalf of the European Commission. All project partners were represented in the visit – Carnikava District Council, Riga Council City and Development Department, Nature Conservation Agency, and Baltic Shores Association.

On the first day of the visit, the overall progress of the project was presented and discussed, addressing the major challenges and the activities of the final year of the project.

dabas aizsardzibas dabas plana sabiedriska apspriesana 01092019 88787On October 1, the first public consultation of the LIFE CoHaBit Nature Conservation Plan of Nature Park "Piejūra" took place at Carnikava Elementary School, where the developers of Nature Conservation Plan (Latvian Fund for Nature) informed the public about the Nature Conservation Plan and related issues. The public consultation gave the floor to everyone who was interested and the representatives of the Nature Conservation Agency and the developers of the Nature Conservation Plan (Latvian Fund for Nature) responded.

Projekta sanaksme 2509 8022On September 25, the third meeting of the LIFE CoHaBit Steering Group of the Carnikava Municipal Alternative Care Center "Pīlādzis" took place, where project leaders and partners informed the steering group members of the project's progress and future work. After the meeting, the participants went on a field visit to the pilot areas of the project to restore wooded and open dunes.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the Carnikava District Council, Carnikava Utility Service, Association “Baltic Shore”, Nature Conservation Agency, JSC Latvian State Forests, Latvian Environmental Protection Fund Administration, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.

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