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In Carnikava County, dune management works will begin already this autumn. Within the project “Coastal Habitat Conservation in the Nature Park “Piejura”” or LIFE CoHaBit, the open dune habitats will be restored and dunes will be reinforced in the Nature Park “Piejura”. The works on the grey dunes need to be carried out to reduce the pine overgrown areas. Such restoration of dunes in small areas in Latvia has been carried out in Uzava, Ovisi coast, and, within the LIFE CoHaBit project, in Mangalsala.

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Probably, many have noticed green or red marks on the trees in the Nature Park “Piejura” this summer. They were left there by the planners of JSC “Latvia's State Forests” (LVM) in cooperation with the LIFE CoHaBit project and the Nature Conservation Agency (DAP) habitat experts due to the planned works in the Nature Park, which will start this fall. It has already been reported that restoration work is needed to increase forest biodiversity and restore habitat quality. For example, most of the pines in the Nature Park are planted in rows, they are never groomed and thinned, so in many places the sticks languish. Without restoration of the habitat, pines will not grow into strong, thick trees with a wide crown on many plots.

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We invite visitors and residents of the Nature Park “Piejura” to apply for an informative meeting in nature about the wooded dunes management work, which will take place this fall! The purpose of the meeting is to answer the questions of the population, and also to explain the need for carrying out works by showing specific examples in nature.

As previously reported, within the project LIFE CoHaBit “Coastal Habitat Conservation in the Nature Park “Piejura””, the management of the wooded seaside dunes habitat will be carried out. The work plots are marked, groups of ecological trees to be left are marked, opening polygons are marked, where close-growing trees will be cut around the old pine trees and the forest stands will be naturalized by thinning the thick stands.

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