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In order to identify the favourite walking paths of local people and the need to equip them, and to prevent the illegal construction (e.g., pathways and bridges) in the Nature Park “Piejura”, the inhabitants of the county have the opportunity to express their views on the required infrastructure in the Nature park “Piejura”. These can be pedestrian paths, garbage bins, benches, recreation areas, information signs, information stands, pedestrian bridges, etc. We invite you to specify as accurate as possible the place where this infrastructure needs to be placed (it is desirable to specify coordinates, or mark points on the Google Maps map). Please, send the information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The information sent will be transferred to the developers of the nature protection plan to match it with the nature protection interests. It will be presented in a summarised form in the public consultation on the nature conservation plan at the beginning of summer this year.

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In January of this year in the Nature Park “Piejura” in Mangalsala, the wooded dunes habitat management works were started. These are one of the practical activities of the LIFE CoHaBit project in nature, which are carried out in compliance with expert opinions and according to the assessments of environmental experts, which were given in June last year at an expert meeting while conducting field surveys in the areas of Mangalsala designated for work.

In the wooded dunes of Mangalsala, the thinning of trees and creation of glades was carried out. The aim of the works is to create a heterogeneous structure of the thickness of the stand with glades, thicker and thinner groups of trees that would be close to the ones is formed in the course of natural processes. Glades are made of different sizes, but without exceeding the area of 0.2 ha. There were preserved all windfallen and dried trees thicker than 25 cm and the trees maintained from previous forest stand.

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On 13th February a meeting in the Local History Museum was held for the experts of the Foundation “Latvian Fund for Nature” and the Nature Conservation Agency and the representatives of the Carnikava County municipality, owners of the Juraslejas Meadows’ land and other county residents and interested persons. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss issues regarding protection and management of the Juraslejas Meadows with landowners, as well as to inform about the proposal of the LDF to include the Juraslejas Meadows in the territory of the Nature Park “Piejura”.

The meeting was well attended and the potential development of Juraslejas Meadows was actively discussed. How to balance the interests of nature conservation and tourism? How to respect and take into account the landowners' intentions regarding their own property? Will the inclusion of the Juraslejas Meadows in the Nature Park “Piejura” benefit land owners, how will they be subject to the Natural Park restrictions? How is the territory included in the protected area and what funds can be used for the restoration and management of the biologically valuable grassland?


 At present, upon assignment of the Nature Conservation Agency and within the framework of the LIFE CoHaBit project, a nature conservation plan for the Nature Park “Piejura”, which borders the Juraslejas Meadows on both sides, is being developed. The plan is developed by the Latvian Fund for Nature.

Part of the land is privately owned, but part belongs to the municipality of Carnikava County. At the meeting, we want to clarify the vision of landowners. In addition, we would like to hear local residents’ views with regard to the land owned by the municipality in the context of the Juraslejas Meadows development and searches for optimal solution for the territory future.

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