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We conduct a survey within the project LIFE for CoHaBit “Coastal Habitat Conservation in the Nature Park “Piejura” (Natura 2000 site)” to find out what are the interests of the visitors of the Nature Park “Piejura” and the inhabitants of nearby territories in the Nature Park “Piejura” and how do the park visitors assess the importance and value of the Natural Park.


On 27th and 28th September the representatives of the project “Coastal Habitat Conservation in the Nature Park “Piejura”” (LIFE CoHaBit) visited Lithuania, the Kursiu Nerija National Park, in order to share the experience of the implementation of projects aimed at the protection and restoration of environment and to obtain new knowledge by getting acquainted with the experiences of Lithuanian colleagues in the coastal erosion mitigation works.

On 27th September the leading project partner presented the project LIFE CoHaBit as a whole, and outlined and updated the purpose and objectives of the visit. The staff of the Kursiu Nerija National Park administration shared their experience in the LIFE projects already implemented by them as well as in other smaller-scale projects focused on the protection of coastal habitats in the Kursiu Nerija National Park.

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In the Alternative Care Centre “Pīlādzis” of Carnikava County Council, the second monitoring group meeting within the project “LIFE CoHaBit - Coastal Habitat Conservation in the Nature Park “Piejura”” was successfully held. The meeting was participated by representatives delegated to the project management group as well as all project partners – Carnikava County Council, the City Development Department of Riga City Council, the Nature Conservation Agency, and the Association “Baltic Shores”.

The meeting was opened by Genovefa Kozlovska, the Deputy Chairman of Carnikava County Council. She emphasized the value and significance of the project in long term. During the meeting, Gundega Ulme, the LIFE CoHaBit project manager representing the leading project partner Carnikava County Council, outlined to the monitoring group the progress of the project implementation in the Nature Park “Piejura” in administrative territories both of Carnikava and Riga.

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The World Wildlife Fund in cooperation with Carnikava County municipality and the Association “Baltic Shores”, within the LIFE CoHaBit project, organized a habitat restoration clean-up in Carnikava, in the Nature Park “Piejura”.

On 15th September of this year, a habitat restoration clean-up was held in Carnikava, during which various methods of habitat restoration were applied. In total, more than 50 representatives of the company Coca-Cola HBC Latvia participated in the clean-up. The participants were divided into three working groups, where each group had its own task.

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