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The Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management of the Riga Technical University, in cooperation with the European Academy of Land Use and Development (EALD), from 7th to 8th September organized already the 8th International and Interdisciplinary Symposium “Changes in Land Use Management Practices”.

LIFE CoHaBit project was invited to participate in the symposium with narration about the project and its activities; the project also provided the symposium participants an opportunity to go on a small tour through the Garezeri surroundings of the beautiful Nature Park “Piejura”.

The symposium aims to focus on land management tools, taking into account the changing needs, in order to promote sustainable development.


The Latvian Fund for Nature has started the development of nature conservation plan for NATURA 2000 for the territory of the Nature Park “Piejura”. To tell about it in more detail, we invite residents, landowners, merchants, and other interested persons to the meetings intended for the development of nature conservation plan of the Nature Park “Piejura”. The meetings will take place:

  • June 11 at 18.00 Daugavgriva, Daugavgriva High School, 5c Parades Street, Riga;
  • June 13 at 18.00 Mangalsala, YACHT CLUB CAFE BAR, 15/17 Audupes Street, Riga;
  • June 19 at 17.00 Saulkrasti, Youth House, Raina Street 7;
  • June 20 at 18.00 Carnikava, Carnikava Regional Research Center, Jomas Street 7


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In order to disseminate knowledge about natural biodiversity in the urban environment and raise public awareness of the need to protect and manage the Nature Park Piejura, the LIFE CoHaBit project team joins the European Commission's environmental activity under the slogan “Green cities for a greener future”. Within the event, a clean-up in Ritabulli beach will be organized on 29th May.

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