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 Within the project LIFE “CoHaBit”, on 3 September of this year, in the Nature Park “Piejūra” in Lilaste, a meeting of the extended monitoring group took place. Representatives of the Carnikava county municipality, the association “Baltijas krasti”, the Nature Conservation Agency, JSC “Latvijas Valsts meži”, the World Wilde Nature Fund, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Latvian State Forest Science Institute “Silava”, the Ministry of State Protection and Regional Development, the Latvian Nature Fund, LLC “Rīgas meži” and the Housing and Environment Department of the Riga city Council met during the survey of the project's activities.


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On 10 June 2020, the monitoring group of the LIFE CoHaBit project made a field visit to examine the achieved results in Vakarbuļļi and Daugavgrīva. The meeting was attended by representatives from the City Development Department and the Housing and Environment Department of Riga city Council, the Nature Conservation Agency, JSC “Latvijas valsts meži”, LLC “Rīgas meži”, the State Regional Development Agency, the Department of Nature Conservation of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, representatives from the Development and Planning Department of Carnikava county municipality, project LIFE CoHaBit, and association “Baltijas krasti”.

stepes čipste On 21 April of this year, the Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development Juris Pūce approved the new Nature Preservation Plan of the Nature Park “Piejūra”. The plan was developed by experts of the Latvian Nature Fund within the framework of the project “LIFE CoHaBit – Protection of Coastal Habitats in the Nature Park “Piejūra”” with financial support from the European Union LIFE programme and the Administration of the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund of the State Regional Development Agency.

bilde majaslapai We inform you that this week, within the framework of the project LIFE CoHaBit “Protection of coastal habitats in the Nature Park “Piejūra””, works are started to limit the spread of invasive alien plants in the Nature Park. Within the framework of the project, measures to limit invasive plant species have already taken place in 2018/2019 in the following Riga territories: Vakarbuļļi, Rītabuļļi and Daugavgrīva. In turn, during the spring/summer season 2020, measures to limit the spread of invasive plants continue in Carnikava county – in Garciems, Kalngale and at the mouth of the Gauja.

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