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21618494 1552426091484173 1071952959 oOne of the aims of “LIFE CoHaBit” is to educate the society on the biotopes found in the Nature Park, their value and the need to protect them. Therefore, in cooperation with the Association “Nature’s Friends” and other volunteers, an educational field trip and creative workshops were organized for students in Nature Park “Piejūra”.

Seminars UzrunaOn 9 August 2017, at the Alternative Care Centre “Pīlādzis” of the Local Government of the Carnikava Municipality, an informative seminar and project supervision meeting of project LIFE CoHaBit „Coastal Habitat Conservation in Nature Park “Piejūra”” took place in a positive atmosphere. The seminar was opened by the Chairperson of the Local Government of the Carnikava Municipality Daiga Jurēvica.
Gundega Ulme, the head project manager of the leading partner of the LIFE CoHaBit project, introduced the participants of the seminar with the aims and objectives of project LIFE CoHaBit „Coastal Habitat Conservation in Nature Park “Piejūra””, as well as the project’s communications strategy.

In order to protect the values of Nature Park “Piejūra”, since September 2016 the Local Government of the Carnikava Municipality together with the Riga City Council City Development Department, the Nature Conservation Agency and the Association “Baltic Coasts”, with the support of the European Commission and co-funding provided by the Administration of the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund, are implementing project LIFE15 NAT/LV/000900, “Coastal Habitat Conservation in Nature Park “Piejūra” (LIFE CoHaBit)”. It is planned to finish the project by year 2020, and the main aim of this project is to improve the quality of the coastal habitats by selecting appropriate methods for their management. By restoring the nature conservation plan and by purposefully implementing practical management measures for the habitats of dunes and forests, it will be possible to regulated the anthropogenic (caused by humans) load in the park and to plan its infrastructure without harming the values of the park.

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