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Aims and Tasks

Goals and tasks

The main aim of the project LIFE15 NAT/LV/000900 is mitigation of the heavy anthropogenic pressure and restore the vulnerable coastal habitats in Nature Park 'Piejura' (Latvia), Natura 2000 site. There will implementated conservation, restoration and sustainable management of 13 coastal habitat types (7 of them EU priority) and 2 plant species listed in the Habitats Directive, 9 habitat types according to the Bern Convention, and 6 species listed in Birds Directive found in Nature Park 'Piejura', NATURE 2000 site.

Secondary project objectives are:

-  To update the site Nature Management plan for Nature Park 'Piejura' to make it applicable and effective in conservation and sustainable management of the area. This would include (a) re-freshing the habitat and species data, which is the basic requirement to plan up-to-date actions targeted at conservation and restoration of the valuable and vulnerable habitats and species in the area; (b) updating the legal information, which has changed significantly since the previous plan; (c) developing a visitor management plan for all the area of Nature Park 'Piejura' targeted at mitigating the anthropogenic impacts in a complicated urban, but on the same time highly valuable nature area.

- To implement concrete conservation and restoration actions for the coastal and semi-natural grassland habitats and species listed Annexes I and II in Council Directive 92/43/EEC of 21 May 1992 and some bird species listed in Annex I of the Birds Directive and to diminish negative impact of anthropogenic pressure on the vulnerable coastal ecosystem;

- To control alien species invasion in the coastal areas of Nature Park ‘Piejura’ , thus preventing their further spread along the coastline, which serves as a natural corridor, and to limit their negative impacts on habitats and native species including threatened species by developing and adopting new methods to be used in Latvia;

- To involve the local community including landowners, local residents and other stakeholders in sustainable management of the Nature Park by implementing an effective, attractive educational activities and awareness rising campaigns;


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